Cute little plates that you don't know what to do with aren't necessary - right?
No way! Ring dishes have gotten a bad rep because of that silly word RING in the front. Well, move out the way Ring! Trinket (see what I did there?) dishes are perfect drop spots for jewelry (duh), those pesky bobby pins that end up everywhere in your house, last nights ear plugs if you have a partner like me who snores, your hearing aid during shower time if you're my mom, your retainer during meal time if you're my neice...are you starting to get the picture?
Trinket dishes are a fun way to accessorize your home and say what you're thinking at the same time if you grab a few here. 
These 3.5 x 3.5 heart shaped dishes are generously sized, beautiful and can be stamped with anything you can think of. This rainbow beauty is designed with teens in mind -  for their fun jewelry, small desk supplies, braces accessories or just for their bedside table to remind them how much you love them.
This gold heart is the perfect gift for a new couple to keep in their entryway for a keydrop spot. Can anyone say "housewarming gift" fast enough? You can even personalize this with initials, dates or private jokes.
Now, this rose gold heart is definitely a little bit more classic, but still oversized and not necessarily only for one ring. And we all know someone who could be reminded that the best is definitely yet to come!
There are also some classic ring dishes you can choose from - my personal favorites are the hand cast pewter ones handstamped with initials and dates.
And this Song of Solomon ring dish in Hebrew and English is a true classic for any romantic bride who needs the perfect wedding day photography prop.