All of a sudden is November 10 and it is CHRISTMAS. I mean, not really - but the holiday rush is starting to feel real as a maker and small business owner. I am Jewish and have never had a Christmas tree, but I love designing ornaments in what I imagine I would like if I were to celebrate Christmas and have my very own tree. 


I've been selling my giant jingle bells for years and they are definitely one of my top holiday gifts and there is a good reason why. First of all, the giant jingle bell is almost three inches, shiny and gorgeous!!! I list three hand stamped phrases created to suit basically anyone.

"Jingle all the way" is a perfect classic gift for the kids or grandparents who love a traditional tree and want to sing songs.

"Our first Christmas" is the perfect thoughtful keepsake gift for couples and new families. They'll be sure to cherish it forever, especially with the year 2020 stamped on it!

"Sleigh all day" is so great for those Christmas pun lovers out there who love to play with words and have a special momento.  The best part though, is that if none of these phrases work for you - you can completely customize this product with the color of your bell, your text and even if you want print or script! And they come in an adorable little box with a bow, ready for gifting. Click here.