Are you passionate about women's reproductive rights and looking for unique ways to express your support?

Do you want to make a bold statement with your accessories and gifts? Look no further! Let's explore some pro-choice jewelry and gifts with an edgy and empowering vibe. These pieces are perfect for those who want to make a statement and show their support for reproductive rights with style. Get ready to stand out and make a difference with these empowering pro-choice accessories!

RAISE HELL Hoop Earrings

The perfect choice for anyone who wants to raise hell for reproductive rights

Dainty circle discs on small handmade wire hoops hand-stamped with "RAISE HELL"  

If you're looking for a pro-choice jewelry piece that makes a bold statement, look no further than these "Raise Hell" hoop earrings. These edgy and empowering earrings feature a fierce and straightforward message that lets everyone know where you stand on reproductive rights. The hoops themselves are made of high-quality sterling silver or 14k gold filled ensuring they will last and make a statement for years to come. These earrings are perfect for those who want to make a bold statement and show their support for women's reproductive rights with a touch of attitude.  

PRO CHOICE Bar Necklace

Classic and to the point - just like you

14k Rose gold filled, Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Filled necklaces hand-stamped with "Pro Choice"

Get political at work with this everyday necklace that lets everyone know you are PRO CHOICE without saying a word. The classic bar necklace is gender neutral, understated and perfect for everyday wear.

The Pro-Choice Classic Bar Necklace is the perfect piece for adding a touch of edgy attitude to your look. With its sleek and minimalist design, this necklace offers a bold and powerful message that is impossible to ignore.

Crafted from durable and high-quality materials such as sterling silver, 14k gold filled, and 14k rose gold filled, this necklace is perfect for layering with other edgy pieces or wearing on its own for a minimalist, yet striking look. The bar pendant's sharp edges and clean lines give it an edgy, modern feel that is perfect for expressing your individuality and standing up for what you believe in.


Better start saving up now - since crossing state lines to go "camping" is expensive

Thick brass money clip hand-stamped with "ABORTION MONEY" in simple uppercase font

Get your feminist guy something to show his support this Election Day and everytime he pulls out his cash to pay. This tongue and cheek minimalist wallet is perfect for helping him to put his money where his mouth is this fall.

This thick, handcrafted money clip is hand-stamped with "ABORTION MONEY" in simple uppercase font. Crafted from high-quality materials, this money clip is both stylish and functional, with a sleek and minimalist design that is perfect for everyday use. The hand-stamped message adds a rebellious and powerful touch, making this money clip the perfect accessory for those who want to make a statement.

Whether you're using it to hold your cash or as a conversation starter, the Abortion Money Money Clip is a bold and powerful accessory that is sure to turn heads.


Roe Roe Roe Your Vote Crewneck Sweatshirt

Get political but make it fashion.

 Woman wearing a military green oversized sweatshirt with Roe Roe Roe Your Vote in black and purple lettering and pretty floral accents.

Get out and VOTE this fall and rock your favorite oversized cozy sweatshirt while you are at it. Send your college kid off to school with their political views on their sleeve. Fight for abortion rights in this sturdy and warm sweatshirt bound to keep you warm in the colder months.
It's pre-shrunk and classic fit is made with air-jet spun yarn for a soft feel and reduced pilling to ensure you wear it over and over.

Pro Choice Tote Bag

If you're tired of people beating around the bush, this tote is for you

Natural colored faux burlap polyester linen tote bag with "FUCK YOUR ABORTION BAN" printed in black capital block lettering

Make a statement wherever you go with this generously sized tote bag to use as your low key purse, your book bag, grocery bag and everything bag. This classic and thick tote can carry whatever you need to get through the day and lets everyone know what's on your mind as we continue to fight to protect Roe v Wade.

Crafted from high-quality materials, this tote bag is both durable and spacious, making it the perfect choice for carrying groceries or school supplies. The bold and edgy message printed on the surface is sure to turn heads and start conversations, while the versatile design makes it a great accessory for any occasion.

So go ahead, show the world where you stand on reproductive rights with this powerful and eye-catching tote bag. Whether you're heading to the grocery store, to work or to school, you'll be making a bold and powerful statement with every step you take.


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