Planning to buy gifts for yourself or a favorite cat parent? Here are the 5 must-have gifts for you and your cat!

Whenever your world seems to end, your fur babies are the one thing that keeps you going. So, from sentimental to witty, here are a few ideas on what to get you to show your love for them, even if it puts you at risk of being one of those “crazy cat people.”


Mom Disc Necklace

Want to show off how you adore your kitty, but not sure how to do it? Here’s the perfect gift for you!

5 must-have gifts for you and your cat

This beautiful and shiny disc necklace has a variety of fun phrases to choose from such as:

  • Mom life
  • Cat Mom
  • Queen Bitch

Don’t want these phrases? How about putting your own custom text?

You can add your own fun and loving text! Just make sure it’s 10 letters or less, or your text will not fit!


Caturday Short Sleeve Baby Bodysuit or Toddler Tee

Does your baby simply love your cats?

5 must-have gifts for you and your cat

This adorable bodysuit shouts ‘Caturday’ which is perfect for your cat-loving kid. 

Made with 100% ringspun and combed cotton, this toddler tee or body suit is super soft and cozy suited for your child. Each of these comes in either black or white, with designs that are carefully heat pressed by hand with stretchable vinyl.

Want to make sure it lasts? We recommend you machine wash these and dry them from the inside out. 


Cat Face Copper Cat Keychain

The perfect accessory for your cat-loving pals. This thick gauge copper keychain is hand-stamped with a cat face design that is super strong and durable!

5 must-have gifts for you and your cat

The text can be customized with a cat face or even your cat’s name. What's more, the ink used is vegan, so no animals were harmed in the process.

Whether you use it with your house keys, bag, or wallet, we’re pretty sure it’d be cute!


Kitty Silhouette Necklace

Looking for something more adorable for your favorite cat lady or maybe for yourself? Check out this beautiful kitty head necklace!

5 must-have gifts for you and your cat

This hand-made necklace comes in a sparkly cable link chain you can customize. Plus, you can choose between a shiny silver or a gorgeous 14k gold-filled finish. Definitely a purr-fect gift for anyone who loves cats!


Cat Daddy Gift Box

This Cat Daddy Gift Box for cat daddies is purr-fect for any occasion. Real men show their love for their cats!

5 must-have gifts for you and your cat

 What will they expect in this gift box?

  • A white ceramic mug with ‘CAT DADDY’ printed in a playful grey ink
  • A gorgeous money clip that says ‘CREAM - CATS RULE EVERYTHING AROUND ME’. Don’t want this text? You can customize your text on either a silver aluminum or yellow brass clip!
  • And lastly, a sturdy aluminum bottle opener that says ‘real men love cats. and beer.’ Not a fan of alcohol? You can opt for a classic aluminum keychain with the text ‘real men love cats.'



Have a hard time wrapping gifts? 

We got you covered! Each item is wrapped in an eco-friendly kraft box tied with twine. All you need to do is give them these gifts.

Whatever occasion you’re celebrating – a birthday, an anniversary, or just because - these gifts will bring joy to whoever receives them.

So, when you picked the must-have gifts for you and your cat, don't forget to tag us at Instagram! We're on TikTok too!