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    You've got ten fingers and we've got more than ten styles of rings for you to stack and collect for the perfect look. Midis, bands, crystals and stamped name rings all go perfectly together for an original boho vibe that will help you stand out wherever you go.

    Funny Custom Velvet Ring Box

    $16.95 – $24.95

    WHO SAID THESE TRENDING RING BOXES ARE JUST FOR BRIDES. FUCK THAT!!! Dress your favorite every day ring (or get a matching phrase from my shop) with this gorgeous velvet...

    Vegan Dainty Gold Ring

    $19.95 – $24.95

    The perfect ring for your friend, daughter or partner who would rather whisper "Vegan" than shout it! This discreet and beautiful gold plated dainty every day ring is sure to...

    PRO CHOICE Flat Top Ring

    $19.95 – $24.95

    Stay inspired and feel empowered to continue fighting with this little reminder on your finger. It also would hurt if you hit someone in the face with it - which...

    Marijuana Leaf Silver Ring

    $16.95 – $34.95

    Want to let people know you are 420 friendly in a subtle and unassuming way? Grab this parade of hemp leaves and wear it on any finger. Get one for...